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A group of mostly American followers of an outlawed Jewish movement led by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane's son will cross into Jordan to set up a settlement, their leader said Friday.

Benjamin Kahane told Israel's army radio that about 150 activists holding dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship would move into Jordan. Kahane leads Kahane Chai, an offshoot of the anti-Arab Kach movement founded by his father, who was assassinated in New York in 1990."Jordan is an inseparable part of the Land of Israel, it has always been so," Benjamin Kahane said.

After the Israel-Jordan peace agreement in July, Jordan agreed to admit Israeli tourists holding dual citizenship. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin revoked a law requiring Israelis to get special permission before visiting Jordan last week.

Kahane said he did not foresee Jordanian opposition to his plans, army radio said.

Israel banned both Kahane Chai and Kach after an American-born settler who had belonged to Kach massacred 29 Palestinian worshippers at a West Bank mosque in February. The groups advocate expelling all Arabs from any territory where Jews have ancestral links.

A statement Thursday from Kahane Chai's settlement group, Gilead's Group for Settlement in Jordan, said its 150 members planned to set up a settlement 35 miles south of Amman at a site where they believe the ancient town of Mahanaim stood.

The Bible identifies Mahanaim as the capital of King Solomon's seventh district.