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Prices of 1995 Honda Accords are increasing an average of 1.9 percent or about $352 per car, the Japanese automaker announced.

Other Asian carmakers, including Mazda Motors of America and Nissan, have also raised prices for the 1995 models, with most keeping the increase down on their American-built vehicles.Toyota, for example, raised the price on the base model of its compact sports utility vehicle, the imported 4 Runner, by 5.5 percent to $21,098. But the price of the popular mid-size Camry rose only 1.7 percent to $21,878.

Analysts have said the narrow increases also close the pricing advantage held by Detroit-built cars, including those of Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Corp. and General Motors Corp.

Honda says about three-fourths of the Accords sold in the United States are made at its Marysville, Ohio, plants. Accord coupe and wagon models are built exclusively in the United States.

The pricing does not include the new Accord V-6 models, which will go on sale in November. Other '95 Accord models are being shipped to dealers now.

Honda previously announced a 1.7 percent or $225 average increase for 1995 Civic models. The company said prices for other Honda models will be announced closer to the sale date.