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Trial for a Salt Lake man charged with aggravated assault in the gang-related beating Aug. 4 of two men in Mueller Park in Bountiful is still set for Oct. 5 in 2nd District Court, but a plea bargain may be struck instead.

Michael R. Jackson, 21, is charged with setting up an ambush in the park in which 10 gang members attacked two men from a rival group, beating them with clubs and a baseball bat.One man was beaten so badly around the head and face that Bountiful police investigating the attack said he was unrecognizable. He was in critical condition at University Hospital but is recovering.

Jackson appeared for a pretrial hearing Tuesday in 2nd District Court. Defense attorney Glenn Cella said he prepared for an October trial but believes a plea agreement will be worked out and asked for a new pretrial date.'

Judge Rodney S. Page set a Tuesday hearing.

Jackson is the only adult charged in the incident. The remaining gang members were turned over to juvenile authorities.