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A man working in an Alexander Street manhole poked his head out and was struck by a truck Thursday.

James Anthony, 18, West Valley City, was transported via helicopter to University Hospital in critical condition. He was in serious condition Friday.Anthony, an employee for Granger-Hunter Improvement Dis-trict, had removed the lid of a manhole at 1920 W. Alexander St. (2420 South) Thursday morning and was attempting to feed a high-pressure hose into the hole when it became caught, district controller Boyd Simper said.

Anthony opted to crawl inside to release the hose, leaving the manhole open and unmarked for oncoming traffic. The practice is against company policy, Simper said.

An improvement district vehicle was parked some 400 feet from Anthony. When a truck passed it, a witness yelled for the teen to watch out, West Valley officer Richard Boddy said. Anthony was wearing soundproof ear protection, however, and probably didn't hear the warning, according to Boddy and Simper. He raised up out of the hole just as the truck passed over him.

Anthony has worked for the improvement district for three months.