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Students in schools across Utah are becoming weather observers on a grand scale. They make observations in their neighborhoods and send the information over WeatherNet 2 to KUTV, to be shared with newswatchers.

The station, in partnership with the State Office of Education and AlphaGraphics, has created the program to give children hands-on experience in observing and reporting weather conditions.Initially, eight schools in Snowville, Logan, Bountiful, Salt Lake, Provo, Richfield, Moab and Santa Clara have been involved beginning early this month. Expansion to other sites is anticipated.

Classroom scientists monitor storms, plot weather parameters and develop historical data. They will send their data via electronics to the station, where it will be downloaded in the weather center and incorporated into regular weathercasts.

The station sponsored a kick-off celebration demonstrating how the electronic network with allow schools to communicate with each other as well as the station.