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GUERRILLA: One of two Lebanese suspects being questioned in Argentina could be a guerrilla wanted by Interpol, a federal judge said Friday in Buenos Aires. Judge Juan Jose Galeano, who is investigating an anti-Jewish bomb attack in Buenos Aires that killed nearly 100 people in July, told reporters he has issued the arrest warrant for a man who identified himself as Ali Hussein Audi. "That is one of the many identities assumed by Ali Slim, a Lebanese terrorist wanted by Interpol," he told the private DyN news agency.UNWELCOME: Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the swaggering Russian ultranationalist, won't be permitted to come to Germany and speak before a congress of right-wing radicals, Germany's Foreign Ministry said Friday in Bonn. Zhirinovsky's visa request was turned down because the rhetorical blasts he might make against Russia's neighbors could damage Germany's national interest, a ministry spokesman said.

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LAWSUIT: The trustees of the estate of former New York Gov. Averell Harriman are suing his widow, Pamela Harriman - the U.S. ambassador to France - and others, charging that they squandered a large portion of the family's multimillion-dollar fortune. The 118-page lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court is seeking a jury trial and more than $30 million in damages.

SHOT: A high school cross country runner who had lagged behind her teammates was shot several times and wounded while jogging Friday, police said in Galion, Ohio. A suspect was under arrest. Maggie Maloy, 15, was listed in serious condition at Grant Medical Center in Columbus with six gunshot wounds to her head and chest. A 21-year-old man was being held in the shooting but had not been charged by late Friday, police Chief Val Young said.

ROBBED: Three clever thieves stole $64,000 in jewels from Bloomingdale's flagship store in Manhattan, N.Y., during a brazen daylight robbery that was not discovered for over one hour. Police say the theft took place shortly after 11:30 a.m. Thursday inside Marcus Estate Inc., which leases space inside the upscale department store. "Two men and a woman walked into the store and the thieves engaged the lone sales clerk in conversation while the third pried open the display case and stole a diamond necklace and two diamond pins," said Officer Merri Pearsall, a police spokeswoman.