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Where are "Fisher and Todd" on KISN-FM (97.1)?

That's what listeners were asking themselves Friday morning when the popular DJs were absent and Dain Craig, program director and midday personality, was filling in.All Craig was saying on the air was that there would be a new morning personality starting Monday, Sept. 19.

Are Scott Fisher and Todd Collard really gone?

Randy Rodgers, KISN general manager, declined to answer that question Friday morning. He said everyone will have to listen on Monday to find out.

"I'm not the most popular guy in town right now," Rodgers admitted, though.

It's unlikely "Fisher and Todd" are really being replaced. This smells like another radio publicity stunt and based on listener response, it's working. KISN-FM has the fifth-largest listening audience among adults, ages, 25-54, according to the spring Arbitron ratings and so "Fisher and Todd" - who started at the station in 1986 - are probably OK in that category.

What stunt these DJs may have cooked up is anyone's guess, but remember, we're talking about the DJs here who said last year they were going to make a lucky listener a "millionaire." What they ended up doing was giving away 1 million pesos - worth just a few hundred dollars in U.S. currency.