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I have serious doubts about Pat Nelson's assertion that Enid Greene Waldholtz is qualified to "represent our families and our concerns in the 2nd District" (Forum, Sept. 5).

The connotation, of course, is that Rep. Karen Shepherd has not been an effective advocate for women's rights or representative of the 2nd Congressional District. What a smoke screen.First of all, Shepherd stood up for Utah's families - 82,000 to be exact - by voting to allow them to claim the earned income tax credit. Shepherd passed the Utah Trust Lands bill, investing $200 million in our children's futures.

Shepherd had the courage to vote for the boldest deficit-reduction package in history, cutting our deficit spending by 40 percent for each of the past two years. Not only did she demand fiscal responsibility by voting for $500 billion in spending cuts; she also pushed to see $20 billion more trimmed from government spending. Shepherd voted for the balanced budget amendment and showed further effective leadership by passing a bill to prevent lame-duck and retiring congresspeople from purchasing office accessories at ridiculously discounted prices.

Shepherd set the example for other members of Congress by refusing to take a salary and pension, in addition to cutting her own office budget by 25 percent.

Shepherd's campaign has absolutely no debt - most of her contributions coming from working people who scrimp and save for their families, who know she has their interests at heart.

Waldholtz's FEC reports showed an anemic $84,000 debt while her personal debt of $107,000 continues to immerse the candidate in controversy.

No wonder 20 percent of Republicans support Shepherd. They may not agree with some elements of her voting record, but they know that Shepherd has brought fiscal responsibility to Congress. I encourage other Republicans to break ranks and slam the floodgates of vendetta shut.

Stephanie Blossom

Salt Lake City