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As I sat through the last game of the regular season for the Buzz, I found myself becoming melancholy. I have never been a fan of televised sports, and live hasn't seemed much better, unless I have had a vested interest in the game, say a beloved younger brother showing his stuff on the playing field.

If I had not loved to play softball, a well-meaning friend would never have been able to cajole me into going to my first Buzz game. It would now seem I owe her a debt of gratitude in excessive proportion. I have been to eight or nine games now, with a couple of friends, doing that female bonding thing. And what a place to bond.The atmosphere is completely baseball. The stadium is beautiful. A work of architectural art, conveying the open and friendly feeling I now associate with baseball. The atmosphere alone gave me a relaxing, unwinding sort of experience, and that doesn't even begin to cover the game; and boy, do I love this game. I am not alone in my fanship. We broke records of attendance for the league that makes the Beavers a faded illusion.

The Buzz players who can count themselves well-acquitted for a outstanding season are too numerous to mention. I scoff at the disparaging comments at this being only an AAA team. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine team. So thank you, Joe Buzas, for Buzzing the Beavers. Salt Lake is lucky.

Although perhaps I will never fully appreciate the intricacies of the release point of the pitcher (so obligingly explained to me by a younger brother, at one of the games, with great enthusiasm), I will truly miss the Buzz come the end of the playoffs. They have enlivened my summer and given me a way to relax. I am glad beyond words that they are here in Salt Lake and count the days until that opening pitch of the season. Oh, and boys, if you need a new batboy, might I suggest that a 5-foot-8 brunette, 20-something batgirl might be a more aesthetically prudent choice for the '95 season. One must have one's dreams, you know.

Rebekah Barton

Salt Lake City