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Confusion is setting in. The president is not to wage war without approval of Congress but, he says, an invasion of Haiti by our military is not war, it's a "police action."

Our civilian police, on the other hand, are fully engaged on the home front in the "war" on drugs. Military action, police action, armed forces, city cop - what danger are we in if our commander in chief cannot tell the difference?Distant memories from high-school government class whisper that the function of the federal government is to defend our borders. Whence comes the federal right to police within foreign borders?

How convenient it is to make an action seem legal and constitutional by calling it something else. I only hope my insurance company doesn't catch on to this trick. I've noticed that my homeowners policy doesn't cover damage due to "acts of war," and that phrase seems open to anyone's interpretation these days.

Kevin J. Colver

Elk Ridge