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Around the world

LIBERIA: Troops from eight African nations Saturday began disarming Liberian soldiers, two days after a failed coup attempt. The African intervention force cordoned off army barracks in central Monrovia and left hours later with trucks piled high with weapons and boxes of ammunition. Troops also started disarming 700 Liberian soldiers living at the executive mansion.CHECHNYA: Fierce fighting was reported in the separatist Russian republic of Chechnya on Saturday after government forces attacked an opposition stronghold. Reports differed on who was winning. The assault marked a sharp escalation in a conflict many fear could spread to the rest of Russia's volatile Caucasus region. The clashes involved tanks and armored vehicles and both sides suffered casualties, the reports said.

CEASE-FIRE: Tajikistan's Russian-backed government and the Islamic opposition have signed a cease-fire in the former Soviet republic's civil war, news agencies reported Saturday. Negotiators at the U.N.-mediated talks in Iran also agreed on the release of prisoners of war and political prisoners, news agencies said.

EARTHQUAKE: An earthquake provoked stampedes in elementary schools in southeastern China, killing at least one child and injuring hundreds, an official report said Saturday. Scores of others were injured by falling walls and ceilings in Friday's earthquake, the Xinhua News Agency reported. The earthquake was centered at sea about midway between Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Across the nation

BEES: A swarm of bees stung an elderly man hundreds of times as he mowed his lawn in San Antonio, sending him to the hospital in the latest of a series of bee attacks in southern Texas. Clarence Collins, 71, was taken Thursday night to Wilford Hall Medical Center for treatment and later released.

In Washington

ILLNESS: A tourist took ill while visiting the White House on Saturday, bringing emergency vehicles speeding once again to grounds that this week were gashed by a small-plane crash and unnerved by a fire scare. An ambulance that followed a fire truck on the compound Saturday took a World War II veteran to the hospital after he complained of feeling sick while visiting the state dining room on the White House public tour. On Friday, fire trucks came down the same White House driveway after a light fixture shorted outside an office.

PROTEST: Several thousand people marched Saturday from the White House to the U.S. Capitol to protest Walt Disney Corp.'s planned theme park 30 miles southwest in suburban Virginia. Scores of groups representing environmentalists, history buffs, American Indians, hikers and area residents said the 3,000 acre amusement park would pollute the region's air and water, jam traffic and damage historic Civil War battlefields - but the company says 6,000 local residents support its project.