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Utah inventors received 18 patents from the U.S. Patent Office for a variety of chemical, electronic, and mechanical inventions, including four of a medical nature. Copies of patents are available by number for $3 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. 20231. Abstracts are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- William C. Norville, Park City. A pad system for removing scratches from plastic surfaces. Assigned to Clearfix Corporation, New York, N.Y. Filed Dec. 17, 1992, a continuation-in-part of application Oct. 19, 1992. Patent 5,337,524.- William G. Carroll, Salt Lake City. Apparatus for inflating balloons in which objects may be inserted. Assigned to Maxim Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed July 18, 1991. Patent 5,337,540.

- Paul S. Evans, Salt Lake City. Apparatus for isolating the sensing element of a pressure transducer from a hostile fluid environment. Assigned to Quartzdyne, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed June 8, 1992. Patent 5,337,612.

- Bradley D. Harris, Farmington, and Virginia E. Chandler, Ogden. A printed circuit bridge initiator for an air bag inflator. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed Sept. 17, 1993, a continuation of application Sept. 11, 1992. Patent 5,337,674.

- Gordon A. Tibbitts, Salt Lake City. A drill bit having diamond film-cutting elements. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston, Texas. Filed July 16, 1992. Patent 5,337,844.

- Quin Soderquist, South Weber. Means of dissipating energy in the operation of an air bag system. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed June 18, 1993. Patent 5,338,060.

- D. Scott Beckham, Park City; Greg A. Putnam, West Jordan; Lorraine Bolt, Orem; Stephen C. Aldous, Salt Lake City; Guy M. Dake, Sandy, and James B. Henrie, Logan. A communications card for use in interfacing between a media connector and a downsized computer. Assigned to Megahertz Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed Mar. 31, 1993, a continuation-in-part of application Nov. 10, 1992, which is a division of patent 5,183,404. Patent 5,338, 210.

- J. Mel Hatch, Murray. Process for coating dowels with a water soluble glue. Filed April 14, 1993. Patent 5,338,569.

- Jesse A. Nachlas; Dale M. Taylor, both of Salt Lake City, and Merrill A. Wilson, West Jordan. An electrochemical solid-state device for transporting ions through a ceramic electrolyte. Assigned to Ceramatec Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 28, 1992. Patent 5,338,623.

- Stephen E. Wright, Salt Lake City. Process for producing a vaccine for a pathogenic RNA virus. Filed Oct. 2, 1986, a continuation of application Feb. 25, 1983. Patent 5,338,674.

- Suzanne Winters, Salt Lake City; Kenneth A. Solen, Orem; Clifton G. Sanders, Salt Lake City; JD Mortensen, Sandy, and Gaylord Berry, Salt Lake City. A method for producing a thrombo-resistant coating for use on gas-permeable surfaces that contact blood. Filed April 12, 1990, a continuation-in-part of patents 4,850,958 and 5,262,451. Patent 5,338,770.

- Grant T. Gullberg, Salt Lake City; Hugh T. Morgan, Highland Heights, Ohio; Chi-Hua Tung, Gengsheng L. Zeng, and Paul E. Christian, all of Salt Lake City. Simultaneous transmission and emission tomography. Filed March 8, 1993, a continuation-in-part of patent 5,210,421. Patent 5,338,936.

- James L. O'Callaghan, Salt Lake City. A device for attaching a computer-input touch pad to a portable computer. Assigned to Cirque Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 16, 1992. Patent 5,339,213.

- Paul K. Kuhn, Midvale, and Steven A. Johnson, Salt Lake City. Resolution enhancement for ultrasonic reflection-mode imaging. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 2, 1992. Patent 5,339,282.

- Lawrence D. Sawyer, Park City; Robert A. Lindsay, Bountiful, and Steven C. Tate, Manti. A parallel bit word-interface unit for connection to a bus. Assigned to Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, Pa. Filed March 17, 1993. Patent 5,339,312.

- James W. Fosgate, Heber City. Apparatus for enhancing monophonic audio signals using phase shifters. Filed Dec. 1, 1992, a division of patent 5,263,087, which is a continuation-in-part of patent 5,172,415. Patent 5,339,363.

- Margaret Allen; Paul Allen, both of Bountiful, and T. Kevin Wilson, Kearns. Motorized side rail for hospital beds. Filed Dec. 11, 1992. Design patent 349,622.

- Edward G. Bartling, West Valley City. Toy crossbow. Filed Feb. 22, 1993. Design patent 349,737.