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Kennecott Utah Copper Corp. received the most safety awards Friday during the Utah Safety Council's annual meeting in the Red Lion Hotel.

Receiving awards of merit for achieving between 1 million and 3 million hours without a loss-time injury were the employees in Kennecott's mine operations, the smelter and the refinery. The employees in Kennecott's power plant received an award of commendations for achieving between 200,000 and 999,000 hours without a loss-time injury.Others receiving awards of commendation were Deseret Generation and Transmission Cooperative, the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake City and Morton Salt Co.

Receiving the State Industrial Commission's safety award was Centerville City. The Utah Safety Council's individual achievement award went to F. David Pierce, safety manager for Western Zirconium.

The council's organization awards went to Industrial Supply Co., Appollo Radio, owner of three radio stations, and the Industrial Commission.

Driver of the Year was Frank Jessen, who has driven 2 million violation-and accident-free miles for Darrell B. Taylor Transportation Co.

Named school bus drivers of the year were Kent Hawkins and Kent Lewis, who drive for the San Juan School District, and Julie Gerber, who drives for Salt Lake School District.

The National Safety Council's industry group achievement award went to the Space Operations Group at Thiokol Corp.

Elected council chairman was William L. Patterson, assistant vice president of Utah Power's Summit Region, succeeding Kelvin C. Clayton, transportation director for the Alpine School District.

Other officers are Salt Lake County Sheriff Aaron D. Kennard, chairman-elect; Carl E. Ramnitz, vice president of human resources for Geneva Steel, first vice chairman; Randy Y. Evans, vice president of Industrial Supply, second vice chairman; and Ted K. Groves, general manager of administration for Mountain Fuel Supply Co., treasurer.

Elected to the board to fill a term expiring in 1995 was Steven A. Van Dusen, safety and risk manager for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Phil S. Selander, Utah general manager for US WEST Communications, was elected will fill a term expiring in 1996.

Those elected to serve terms expiring in 1997 are State Industrial Commission Chairman Stephen M. Hadley; Rep. Beverly A. Evans, R-Altamont; Gary R. Muir, a retired Hercules executive; Donald J. Cier, president of Trumbull Consulting; William W. Brant, vice president and general manager of Thiokol Corp.; and William K. England, chairman of board, CR England & Sons Trucking.