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Where is America going, and where is the human race going?

There is evidence of destruction all around us. We see an incredible rise in illegitimacy (30 percent of all births and 68 percent of black births). By the end of the decade, it is projected that 40 percent of all American births and 80 percent of minority births will be out of wedlock.We are producing a whole generation of people who have never known a father in the home.

Murders in New York are 30 times what they were half a century ago. The barbaric lyrics of "rap" music have been sanctified even by the professors at respected universities. Teenage suicides are at an all-time high. Drugs are in virtually every community.

Why? Professor Stephen Carter of Yale University hit the nail on the head when he said, "The First Amendment, which was intended to prevent government interference in religion, has been twisted into an effort to exclude religion from any role in public affairs, including public classrooms."

This is nothing new. Since the beginning of time, there has always existed a negative influence on the good and righteous things. And just like gravity, the natural pull is down.

This downward trend has been reversed many times in the past and can be reversed again with a lot of effort from those who care.

Many people ask the questions, "What can I do?" or "Of what use is my small voice?" To them I would say, "Words are the greatest tools one can possess." Those who shape our destiny, who teach us and inspire us, are those who use words with clarity, grandeur and passion.

We can raise our voices, we can write to our congressmen, we can elect men to public office who recognize that this is a Christian nation and that our only chance to survive as a free country is to return to the principles upon which our Constitution was built.

We can encourage people to attend the church or synagogue of their choice. We can refuse to allow the filth that is on TV to come into our homes. We can teach our families by word and examples, charity, love and faith.

A wise man once said, "Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean."

C. Calvin Campbell