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Let's face it, we no longer have a government in the sense of the democratic model. An overwhelming majority of us wanted a crime bill. Washington barely squeezed one out. An overwhelming majority of us want health-care reform before we are crushed by the economic realities. We won't get one for the same reason.

Our Congress has been purchased by capitalistic special interests who keep telling us how terrible our government is and that we should never allow government to operate health care. They want private enterprise to take over health-care reform (never acknowledging that private enterprise mechanisms caused the terrible inflation of the last two decades).Deregulation and mushrooming insurance corporations combined to create havoc and that is what special interest groups want left intact or they will take their marbles and go home.

We definitely need regulatory processes in health care and we could do beautifully without insurance companies standing between physicians and their patients. We also would like to have our government back in operation.

Eugene J. Faux