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ERUPTION: Thirty thousand people fled the port city of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, and surrounding villages Monday, hours before two volcanoes erupted, spewing smoke miles into the air and blanketing the ground with at least 8 inches of ash. There were no reports of casualties or major damage, but police said communications to the city were poor.ELECTION: Swedish voters have brought back the Social Democrats to end the country's economic crisis, but the leftist party will have a tough time making major reforms. After an election campaign dominated by economic issues, the Social Democrats captured 45.6 percent of the vote Sunday, according to late returns.

HUTUS KILLED: Guards killed two Rwandan refugees trying to break into a French aid agency compound in Goma, Zaire, and relief workers said Monday they face mounting lawlessness from the 1.2 million displaced Hutus in eastern Zaire. The killings took place Sunday at the Doctors Without Borders compound in Ki-bum-ba camp after the prowlers ignored warnings to go away.

Across the nation

DELAYED: Thunderstorms dashed NASA's plans to bring space shuttle Discovery and six astronauts back to Earth Monday, with touchdown rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Although the weather forecast for Tuesday was not optimistic, shuttle managers will have two attempts at landing in Florida.

RIOT: Inmates of a state prison in Jarratt, Va., set fires in a cellblock and occupied a prison yard Monday. Security forces gathered outside the cellblock. However, neither state police nor local sheriffs officers were involved in the incident as of late morning, law-enforcement officials said. About 170 inmates from one of Greensville Correctional Center's three cellblocks began the disturbance about 9:30 a.m.

BOYCOTT? The National Organization for Women has called for an economic boycott of Pensacola, Fla., if the city doesn't establish a protective ring around its two abortion clinics. Two doctors and an unarmed escort have been shot to death outside Pensacola abortion clinics since March 1993. "Part of what's missing in Pensacola is the political will to stop this violence," NOW president Patricia Ireland said.