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Last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers were grumbling about having to wear old-fashioned striped shirts.

But after beating the Colts Sunday in their vintage uniforms, the Steelers were stylin.'"Hey, we won in them and I felt good in them. Maybe we ought to wear them every week," linebacker Kevin Greene said.

Sure, the 1933-vintage Pirates uniforms were a little garish - vertical black stripes on the front of yellow jerseys and mustard-colored pants made to look like canvas pants of the era.

But all the NFL's teams were wearing the old stuff Sunday for "Throwbacks Weekend," a tribute to the league's 75th anniversary. Even the officials got in the act, wearing bow ties and white slouchy caps while making calls on modern-day artificial turf.

The old-time uniforms drew mixed reviews from players.

Philadelphia's Eric Allen thought Green Bay's dark blue jerseys with yellow shoulders were downright ugly, especially the bright yellow helmets.

"I thought ours were great, but their helmets were horrible," he said. "We won the pretty contest."

The Eagles wore plain white jerseys with green letters and solid green pants. Their helmets were distinctive - green with a wide silver stripe down the middle.

The Rams sported vivid yellow jerseys as part of their 1951-era look.

Some teams' duds - like the Colts' and the Buccaneers' - weren't too different from the togs they wear today.

But there was no missing the fact that the Steelers were in costume.

"We're on a winning streak," fullback John L. Williams said. "I don't want to take them off."

The yellow-and-black striped jerseys apparently confused quarterback Neil O'Donnell on a pass play. He prematurely released a sideline pass, apparently because he mistook a member of the chain crew wearing NFL-issued yellow-and-black vests for a receiver.

The Cardinals wore replicas of the 1920 uniforms of the Chicago Cardinals, which featured red jerseys and canvas-colored pants.

The Bears wore garish uniforms similar to ones from their 1925 and 1926 seasons, with orange stripes on the front of the blue jerseys.

"They're ugly," Minnesota guard Randall McDaniel said. "I didn't even like ours. My uniform was too tight. I ripped it up."