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Attorney General Susan Loving said she's looking into the authenticity of signatures on an initiative petition calling for congressional term limits.

Because of the petition, Oklahoma voters will decide Tuesday whether to limit the time U.S. representatives and senators can serve.But KTOK radio in Oklahoma City reported Thursday that it had found three people whose names and addresses are on the petition but who say they never signed it. One of those is a 7-year-old Walters boy; the other two are a Duncan couple.

All three signatures were on petitions submitted by Patsy J. Fisher, an Oklahoma woman who was paid to gather signatures for term limit drives in Oklahoma and later in Utah.

In Utah, all 7,000 signatures Fisher turned in have been disqualified, and authorities are investigating whether she falsified them.

Fisher was paid $1 per signature by petition sponsors in both states.

Loving said the presence of a 7-year-old's signature on the Oklahoma petition raises serious questions about other signatures Fisher obtained.