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Afraid they might end up with more unincorporated islands in a sea of cities, the Salt Lake County Commission voted Wednesday to leave six peninsulas of property within the proposed Union city.

At issue were five small peninsulas that jut out from the proposed new city's western borders into Midvale and a larger one that extends along a canal into Sandy and Murray.Midvale officials and incorporation consultants had recommended that the penin-sulas be excluded from the incorporation vote. Commissioner Randy Horiuchi, however, argued that if voters approve the incorporation of Union without the peninsulas, those areas might choose to remain unincorporated rather than annex into neighboring cities.

By leaving the peninsulas within Union, residents will have the opportunity later - if incorporation passes - to switch allegiances, Horiuchi said.

The commission has put the Union incorporation proposal on the Nov. 8 ballot and plans to do likewise with The Cottonwoods incorporation proposal next week.