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I followed with interest the Deseret News' eight-part series grading the BYU, Utah and USU football teams. I believe that the three writers did a nice job in their in-depth analysis of the teams and their relative strengths and weaknesses at the various positions. However, I was surprised at the "overall" ratings they gave to the three teams.

If the overall grades were based on "cumulative" daily grades given to the teams, the writers would for sure fail the most elementary math classes at BYU, Utah or USU. As I calculate the actual overall grades based on the writers' cumulative daily grades, the grades of B+ and B given to Utah and USU are correct but for BYU, the grade given as A- should actually have been B.I have a hunch that the writers are competent in math, but when it came to giving an overall grade for BYU, they ignored their in-depth analysis and yielded to their bias, or used the "faith factor," i.e. that it would be inappropriate for a Deseret News sportswriter to ever rate Utah or Utah State ahead of BYU.

I believe that this incident is just one more example of the unfair coverage of the local sports scene by the Deseret News and validates my opinion that the writers lack objectivity and are really not much more than cheerleaders for BYU.

Reed P. Warren