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Forget all that agonizing and analyzing, just take a lesson from 5-year-old Alex Emery of Salt Lake City because he's the only entry from last week to predict all 12 games correctly. That's right, he picked CSU over BYU and Weber State over Montana. Go figure.

According to Alex's father, Derek, "We've been entering every week and Alex has been interested in his 7-year-old brother's picks. He wanted to play so I stated each game and he told me who would win. I swear it, he made these predictions and he even signed his own name."For his efforts, Alex receives a check for $100, a pizza from Domino's, a Grid Picks T-shirt (size small) and two bonus points.

Eleven entries predicted 11 games correctly (not all of them missed the BYU-CSU game) but only 10 make it into the top ten because of the tiebreaker formula.

The runners-up are: Mike Godfrey, Kaysville; Mark Hardman, Pleasant Grove; Trent Rosvall, Sandy; Evan Hurst, Salt Lake City; Miles Labrum, Murray; Hal Maughan, West Jordan; Ted Barnes, Magna; Greg Ringer, Provo; Lynn Waller, Salt Lake City and Rick Olsen, West Jordan.

Each receives a T-shirt and pizza and are entered, along with Alex Emery, in the cumulative game for the grand prize - a trip for two to the Holiday Bowl.

All prizes will be mailed; 1,234 entries were received last week.

NOTE: Please remember that photo-copies and faxes are disqualified. In addition, handwritten entries must be legible with games listed in the exact order as the coupon in the newspaper or they will be disqualified as well. Contestants are urged to use the coupon from the Deseret News.