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A Kennecott employee remained hospitalized in serious but stable condition Tuesday after he was shocked with a high-voltage line Monday.

A crane operator was moving a large motor about 1:15 p.m. Monday when the accident occurred. Larry Hoerres, 50, was assisting by holding a nylon guide line attached to the motor so that the motor would not swing.The crane operator apparently hit a 2,400-volt line into another electric line, causing them to arc, explained Salt Lake County Fire Capt. Lowell Mikolash. The lines snapped and recoiled and one line started a grass fire.

Workers ran away from the power lines, which did not hit anyone when they fell. "He (Hoerres) took off for a ways and then just collapsed," Mikolash said.

Hoerres was airlifted to University Hospital, where he was treated for possible internal injuries. He listed in serious but stable condition, according to a nursing supervisor.