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Two grizzly bears were killed this month in two separate incidents near Yellowstone National Park, a state Game and Fish Department official said.

A year-old bear died near Jackson on Monday after being shot with a tranquilizer by biologists attempting to move the cub to the park, according to Dave Moody, large predator coordinator for the state agency.The cub likely drowned after landing face-first in water, he said.

Later Monday, a 2-year-old male grizzly was killed by a vehicle on the North Fork Highway between Yellowstone and Cody, Moody said.

The older bear was one of three cubs found with their mother Monday on private ranchland about six miles southeast of Jackson, Moody said.

The sow and her two cubs were transported to an area in the northern part of Yellowstone, he said.

At least 278 grizzly bears have been identified in the Yellowstone ecosystem areas managed for bear recovery, officials have said.