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A man already given a suspended prison sentence for making thousands of crank calls has been arrested again, this time for allegedly pestering his former employer with 6,500 calls in one month, police said Tuesday.

Between Aug. 9 and his arrest Monday, Susumu Suzuki, 46, allegedly made as many as 1,200 calls a day from public phones to the company that had fired him a year ago, said police in Takasaki, 60 miles north of Tokyo.Suzuki faces charges of interference in business, they said.

Suzuki had been sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for three years, for making 8,500 crank calls in 1993 to the Takasaki Municipal Office, which once had turned down his job application, police said. The sentence meant Suzuki could stay out of prison if he maintained a clean record. But he was fired from his job at a manufacturing company after the sentence was handed down.