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Reason and history warn of the dangers of allowing the commander in chief the sole prerogative to declare war. Our Founding Fathers understood this principle very well. Their minds were not polluted by government schools. Hence, the Constitution clearly gives Congress the sole authority and responsibility to declare war.

The president cannot usurp this power without violating his/her oath of office. Congress cannot surrender this responsibility. Any treaty, law or resolution of Congress to give the president warmaking powers is unconstitutional and null and void. It would require a constitutional amendment.Now we see the wisdom of our forefathers. Three-fourths of the American people oppose the impending invasion of Haiti. Congress would never declare war on that unfortunate country. And yet, the president stands poised to declare war by military attack.

Do we expect the Constitution to enforce itself? Have we forgotten that we the people established the Constitution? Are not we the people responsible to demand that our elected officials enforce it?

I say that the moment President Clinton sends American troops to Haiti without a congressional declaration of war is the moment Congress and the American people should impeach him as an enemy to the Constitution.

I say that any officer of the military, including the lowest private, who does not refuse to participate in this unconstitutional invasion without a congressional declaration of war should be court-martialed and dismissed for violating his oath to defend the Constitution.

This presidential warmaking is a terrible tragedy. It is immoral, unconscionable and downright stupid. It is more than an attack on a friendly nation. It is an attack on the Constitution. Now is the time for all patriotic Americans to come to the defense of the Constitution.

Please include my address, if you like. I enjoy the mail.

Ken Larsen

Salt Lake County vice chairman

Libertarian Party

856 E. 100 South, #2

Salt Lake City, UT 84102