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How sick have we gotten as a society? That's partially answered by an advertising campaign featuring deity as a tennis ace in one of its advertisements. Supposedly, the all-powerful is no match for an opponent who uses a certain type of tennis racket.

The USA cable network ran the ad, but CBS (surprisingly) refused to run it, feeling it would offend "mainstream religious folk." Darned right it did.The ad company tested the ad among consumers and advertising executives around the globe (they say), including a minister who heads a national ecumenical council, and said "the overwhelming response was quite positive; the commercial is in very good taste."

Who is sicker, the ad people who created this blasphemous 30-second spot or the ones who reviewed it and thought it was in good taste?

It's little wonder that we're losing our respect for that which we once held so priceless, as we're being led carefully away. We should speak out against this blasphemy of the purest form.

David Phillips

Heber City