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The Federal Trade Commission said Chemopharm Laboratory Inc., doing business as CP Industries, 503 N. 400 West, made some false and unsubstantiated claims that its Sno N Ice Melter benefited the environment and the company has agreed to stop making the claims.

FTC officials claim the company's advertising said the de-icing product gives total environmental protection and is an environmentally safe de-icer. Scientific studies of one ingredient in the de-icer do not demonstrate that Sno N Ice Melter is beneficial to the environment, therefore the advertisements are false and misleading in violation of the FTC Act.Ann Lieber, president, said her company now advertises and will continue to advertise that her product is less damaging than other products on the market to concrete roads and sidewalks, steel rebar, steel bridges and leather, is nontoxic to pets and may used in proximity to food preparation.

Lieber said her company received a patent in 1986 for Sno N Ice Melter, a product consisting mainly of sodium chloride (salt) and calcium magnesium acetate, the latter acting as a buffer to inhibit the corrosive properties of salt.

In September 1992, Lieber said, the FTC issued guidelines for advertising referring to the environment. Those guidelines define environmental as the natural environment only.

"These guidelines came long after CP Industries had introduced its product in the marketplace," Lieber said. When the guidelines were issued, CP already had written and distributed most of its 1992-93 literature, but in the spring and summer of 1993 the company revised all of its advertising and packaging literature by comply with the guidelines.