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As a high school student, I notice an increasing decline in individual integrity. Daily I come in contact with those who are either disrespectful, dishonest or untrustworthy. Lack of basic values is being recognized as a major cause of today's societal problems.

Because example is often the greatest teacher, I am greatly disturbed by the recent actions of the Salt Lake County commissioners.Over the past few months, a group of citizens has been working to have The Cottonwoods become an incorporated city. Petitions were signed, feasibility studies completed and public meetings held. The final step was to have voters decide in the November election as to whether this incorporation would occur.

Throughout this process, the County Commissioners assured the citizens that they would not stand in the way of an election. The people would have their vote. Then the commissioners went back on their word. The people will not be allowed to vote.

This really bothers me. Not only did they lie, but they set a negative example for the citizens of this county. Where is their integrity?

Catherine Swinyard

Salt Lake City