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Outside a gate, a sign welcomes visitors to a nearby "Children's Nature Park."

But less than 50 feet away Tuesday, detectives studied the body of a man believed to have been beaten to death with a rock.About 8 a.m. a city library employee was walking in a wooded area south of Gart Brothers Sports, 1176 E. 2100 South, when he discovered the body and called police.

"It looks like there was some kind of altercation and he may have been (assaulted) over the head with a large-size rock," said Salt Lake Police Lt. Dick Johnson.

A stone about 12 inches in diameter was found near the body. Detectives believe he may have been dead about 12 hours.

The victim had no identification, but he was later identified as Roger Ronald Holly, 35. Homicide detectives were taking plaster casts Tuesday morning of footprints found around his body.

Carren Willie, who lives nearby, said she saw a van circling the area about 11:30 p.m. Monday. Willie said transients often frequent the neighborhood.