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Acting baseball commissioner Bud Selig has responded favorably to a suggestion to hold a World Series between the Montreal Expos and the New York Yankees, the Montreal Gazette reported today.

But the proposal has not been met with a response from the Major League Baseball Players Association, the Gazette said.Darrin Fletcher, the Expos' alternate player representative, said Tuesday night he would play in a series between the teams with the best records in the American and National Leagues "if there was enough support."

But Fletcher said he doubted whether players would go for any arrangement that would leave them "operating with organizations we're supposed to be striking against."

Hugh Hallward, a minority partner in Charles Bronfman's ownership group that sold the Expos in 1991, sent a proposal to Selig, Expos president Claude Brochu and the players association that calls for a World Series between the two clubs.

Under Hallward's plan, sources said, net proceeds would go to charity after the operating expenses of the two teams - and a pool of money for the players competing in the series - were deducted.

Hallward was not available for comment Tuesday.

Brochu said he and Selig talked about the idea and that Selig "had agreed to take it under advisement."

Arthur Richman, a senior adviser to the Yankees, would say only that the club was aware of the proposal.

Brochu also was cautious.

"The problem is that there are a couple of other teams involved that have won divisions or wild-card spots. Since the owners' resolution was that the year was to be shut down and included the signatures of other owners, I would think they'd have to OK this in some form, too.

"But if the union gets behind this, there's no question that it will have to be looked at."

The World Series has been played every year since 1904, when the National League's New York Giants refused to play the Boston Pilgrims from the American League.

Selig canceled this year's series a week ago, along with the rest of the 1994 regular season.