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If you're considering new furniture, or just like to "browse" in the comfort of your own home, new publications from Spiegel and Ethan Allan might be just the ticket.

- SPIEGEL'S 1994 FALL/-WINTER CATALOG is now available, and the collection is filled with up-to-date furniture guaranteed to turn a home into a haven."For some people, home is a retreat - an island of privacy, security and serenity," says Bette Rosenberg, director of home fashion for Spiegel. "Therefore, personal spaces in the 1990s are primarily concerned with comfort, control and simplification. At Spiegel, these ideas guide our approach to coordinating a room."

For the Fall/Winter Collection, Spiegel has developed themed living environments that appeal to a diversity of tastes and interests. They include:

- News: Home furnishings are awash with an autumnal palette of earthly neutrals and spare, classic silhouettes.

"In the '90s, people don't want clutter," Rosenberg adds. "They want to mix important accessories but still allow the elements in the room to breathe."

Key trends include weathered, ornamental metal chairs and pedestal tables, a twig and rust-finish metal screen and a wool area rug decorated with autumn leaves in dry, sun-baked colors.

- Timely, Yet Timeless Pieces: Fall furnishings balance timeless elegance with a contemporary attitude. Important trends include saturated expanses of color, woven tapestries, flashes of gilt and brass, Chinese export porcelain and floor screens.

- 55 Compton Gate: The romance of the English countryside is seasoned with a totally feminine yet modern sensibility. Lace, needlepoint, eclectic mixtures of contrasting pattern and revival furniture styles punctuate the home fashion story for fall.

- Home Country: An updated translation of "country" celebrated, Spiegel interprets it in two ways: One whispers the tranquil, rural lifestyle through textured fabrics, expertly constructed furniture with warm finishes and Mexican-inspired accessories.

The other variation reflects a "Hometown USA" feel splashed with bold colors, wicker and '40s-inspired furniture.

- A World of My Own: This section of the catalog focuses on timely ideas for decorating children's private spaces. In creating these furnishings, Spiegel has been sensitive to children's needs and desires.

- ETHAN ALLEN INTERIORS MAGAZINE for Fall '94 boasts of a bold, new attitude by introducing the new, contemporary Radius Collection.

One look at the four-poster bed on the magazine's cover reveals much of the story.

Standing out amidst a palette of neutrals is the Radius four-poster bed. Here's a combination of metal and wood that's architectural without being stark. A circle, balanced in the center of the headboard, creates a dramatic focal point; the motif is repeated on top of the four posts.

But the cover is only the beginning. The swirl-back metal chair (on page 1) is guaranteed to change the way a person thinks about seating. Both comfortable and stylish, this chair will wake up any dining or living room.

Even upholstery gets a new twist in the Radius Collection. The "hippest" of retro-armchair silhouettes is treated to an industry first - dual fabric upholstery. Two fabrics are combined to create one eye-catching look.

Balancing this living room is a round metal-and-glass Radius coffee table; rubber wheels make this piece of furniture even more practical.

Ethan Allan has more fall news. The company's popular Georgian Courts Collection is now available with a new finish and hardware, thus making it more affordably priced for 21st-century living.

A new, oval coffee table boasts just the right amount of careful detailing as well as a rich, warm patina. A buffet and china set combine beautiful carving and beveled glass.

The epitome of affordable style is seen in Ethan Allen's American Dimensions Collection, now on sale. The dining table, in spruce green and natural finish, might be just the ticket to whet one's stylistic appetite.

The Country Crossings Collection is noted for its casual country coziness. The painted white finish can be seen in the coffee table and the Concept 6 home theater system.

Ethan Allen provides a variety of customer services, including complimentary design assistance, in-store and at-home; the use of computers to show customers how fabrics will look on a finished upholstered piece; and a new credit card, "The Easier Payment Plan."