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In recent years, a growing number of businesses and industries have been attracted to Utah, in part due to a highly educated work force. As elections grow near, it is important to remember which representatives have been active in supporting education issues, especially the issues that affect Utah. Congressman Bill Orton has a proven track record on accomplishing both of these objectives.

This year, Orton worked to ensure that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act contained a funding formula for Chapter 1 that would not hurt Utah. Orton knows that states with smaller populations are often less likely to get a fair share of federal funds. In addition, Orton voted in favor of legislation that removed requirements for home schools and private schools because he knew that federal involvement in education issues should be limited.He supported school-to-work legislation, which provides a link between high school and work for students who do not plan to attend college, and wrote a letter in support of federal funding for the TRIO programs - the programs aimed at assisting economically disadvantaged students enter and continue their college education.

If you believe that Utah children need someone back in Washington, D.C., to keep an eye on their best interests, vote to keep Orton in Congress.

Pamela Olson