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Ogden Area toll-free number for Statewide Wildlife Information - 479-0990 or 1-800-ASK-FISH. Most Division fish hatcheries have stocked the majority of their fish for the year. occasional stocking of major waters will continue until ice up.

BEAR LAKE - Fishing is fair for lake and cutthroat trout. A few fish are being taken. Boat launching is now available at the recently completed marina in Garden City. The Rainbow Point boat ramp is out of the water and unusable.

BEAR RIVER - Lower channel catfishing slow. Water extremely low. Uintas Portion - Good fishing for small cutthroat trout. Stocked with rainbow trout.

East Fork - Fair fishing. Water normal.

BEAVER CREEK (Kamas) - Stocked weekly. Fair for rainbow and brown trout using worms. Low water.

BIRCH CREEK - Good for rainbows. Best fishing is early in the morning.

BLACKSMITH FORK - Try smaller flies like Renegades and nymphs. Impoundments are good for planted rainbow trout.

CAUSEY RESERVOIR - Fair fishing. Use salmon eggs near the

inlets. Tributaries are closed, except Wheatgrass Creek. Boy Scout Pond remains closed to trespass. Possession of red kokanee from August 15th-September 30th is unlawful.

CHALK CREEK - Water level low. Ask permission before entering private property.

EAST CANYON RESERVOIR - Fair fishing from shore for 8-14 inch rainbow trout. Fair fishing from boats. Best fishing during the week when ski boats are not present.

EAST CANYON CREEK - Water extremely warm downstream from Park City. Fish are stressed and lethargic.

ECHO RESERVOIR - Water level dropping rapidly.

FARMINGTON CREEK - Stocked recently. Light pressure. Limited access. Low water.

FARMINGTON POND - Stocking every other week. Fishing is good. Pressure high. Powerbait, worms and salmon eggs are producing fish.

HOLMES CREEK RESERVOIR (Davis County) - Slow fishing for largemouth bass and bluegill.

HYRUM RESERVOIR - Anglers are catching an occasional nice rainbow and very small perch. Fishing from shore near the dam is working best. Catching a lot of perch in the 3-6 inch range. Few bluegill and bass are being taken.

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR - Closed to fishing.

KAYSVILLE POND - Slow fishing for bluegill and black bullheads. Occasional channel cats being taken. Low water.

KIMBALL CREEK - Fair for small cutthroats.

LOGAN RIVER - Rock-rollers are working (if you can find them). Try wet and dry flies--smaller hatches. Quality water above Red Banks is now open (1 cutthroat, 3 fish combination, 2 under 12 inch and one over 18)--see special regulations. Cutthroats biting on Humpys and Royal Wulffs in Upper Logan.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR - Fair fishing using Power Bait. Low water. LYMAN LAKES - Fair fishing for rainbows.

MANTUA RESERVOIR - Slow fishing.

MIRROR LAKE - Fair fishing for rainbows and albinos. Stocked weekly.

NEWTON RESERVOIR - Catching some rainbows, perch and bluegills. Best fishing early and late in the day. Try trolling with pop gear trailing a flatfish or worm. Catching a few rainbows up to 18 inches. Bluegill fishing is good in the early morning.

OGDEN RIVER - Fair fishing for rainbows. Good catches of brown trout in canyon. Continues to be stocked every 2 weeks below the mouth of the canyon. Try "Balls o' fire" for rainbows.

PINEVIEW RESERVOIR - Good fishing for mud cats in shallow bays. Try deeper water for perch. Catching several tiger muskies. Remember 30-inch size restriction.

PORCUPINE RESERVOIR - Closed to the possession of kokanee salmon with any red color from August 16th-September 30th.

TONY GROVE LAKE - Stocked regularly.

TRIAL LAKE - Fair fishing for rainbows and albinos.

UPPER PROVO RIVER - Water level is extremely low and stream channel is dry in some areas.

ROCKPORT RESERVOIR - Water dropping. Fair fishing for rainbows near the dam.

SMITH AND MOOREHOUSE RESERVOIR - Slow fishing for rainbow trout. Best on the south end with red Power Bait.

SOUTH FORK - Slow for brown and cutthroat trout. Fair for rainbow trout. Has been stocked. Best time to fish is early morning or evening, because of the number of tubers during the day.

UINTA LAKES - All lakes along the highway have been planted with catchable rainbows. Fair fishing for brook and rainbow trout using flies on a bubble and Powerbait. Remember to carry insect repellent. Good grayling fishing in the Four Lakes Basin.

WEBER RIVER - Slow fishing for rainbow trout. Fair fishing for browns using flies. Evening success in area or canyon mouth--emergers and bead heads working well.

WELLSVILLE RESERVOIR - Fair success for 8-12 inch rainbow trout. Natural bait combinations working best.

WILLARD BAY - Lots or small (5-13 inch) cats being taken. Occasional larger cats being taken as well.

WOODRUFF CREEK - Dry--no water.



SOME WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE WATERS: Payson Lake, Tibble Fork Res. Spring Lake, Salem Pond, Silver Lake (Brighton Ski Resort), Utah Lake (State Park & Marinas), Burraston Pond, Deer Creek Res., Strawberry Res. (marinas & Haws Point), Palisade Lake, community Lake (Ephraim Canyon), Yearns Res. (Manti Canyon).

NOTE:Jordanelle Reservoir is closed to fishing! Remember - It is illegal to transport any live fish!

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR - The algae is coming on strong making fly fishing and trolling a little more difficult. Rainbows, cutthroats and kokanee salmon are all beginning to concentrate near inlets to the reservoir. Kokanee spawn is in progress. Anglers are reporting that fish have a mossy taste. It will help the flavor of the fish if anglers bring a cooler with ice rather than dragging fish on a stringer. If you troll, be prepared to release fish! Remember the a one cutthroat limit. Cutthroat trout can be differentiated from the rainbow trout by the bright orange fins along the belly.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR - Fishing is slow to fair. Best success is by trolling pop gear.

UTAH LAKE - Fair channel catfishing. Use shrimp or stinky bait.

PROVO RIVER - Fishing pressure is moderate to heavy along the "artificial only" section. Good fishing success using various nymphs and dry flies. Try gold-ribbed hare's ear and pink or olive scuds sizes 14-20. Terrestrials (grasshoppers) will pick up an occasional trout. Read fishing proclamation for special regulations.

DIAMOND FORK and HOBBLE CREEK - fair fishing. stocking is finished for the year. Flies or baits are allowed.

NINE MILE RES. - Fishing is fair. Try green sparkle power bait, marshmallow & nightcrawler or a dead minnow. Flies work in the evenings. The reservoir is only 1/4 full. Private property. Please don't litter. Water level is dropping fast.

PALISADE LAKE - Slow Fishing. Most fish are about 9 inches in length. Some large cutthroats occasionally taken. State Park is charging $3.00 access fee. Low water so expect to cross mud flats to access lake.

SALT LAKE CANYON STREAMS & JORDAN RIVER - The Jordan River from 90th South in Salt Lake to Bluffdale is slow to fair fishing.

BURRASTON POND - Slow to fair success.

SALEM POND AND SPRINGLAKE - Slow to fair success using worms, salmon eggs, marshmallows or Power Bait.

VERNON RESERVOIR - Reservoir is about dried up.

TIBBLE FORK RES. - Fair fishing. Try floating baits to get above bottom vegetation.

PAYSON LAKES - Traditional baits have worked well in the lakes. Stocking is finished for the year.

COMMUNITY LAKE - (near Ephraim) - slow to fair fishing Try cheese baits or flies.

YEARNS RES. - (Manti Canyon) Try Power bait or flies (gray hackle or Renegade) in the evening. The campground is open and has culinary water.

TWELVE MILE CANYON LAKES - Twin and Town lakes are fair fishing. Deep Lake is fair fishing with some fish up to 2 1/2 pounds. Use a bobber and fly to avoid the moss at Shingle Mill Reservoir. 4-wheel drive is recommended for Shingle Mill.

MANTI CREEK - Fair to good fishing. Some small cutthroats native to this stream. Be prepared to hike some rugged creek bottoms.


BIG SAND WASH RESERVOIR - Light to moderate angler pressure, reports of fair to good fishing mostly during morning and evening. Water is low.

BROWNE RESERVOIR - Moderate pressure, good fishing for small rainbow and brook trout, try baits.

BULLOCK RESERVOIR - Moderate pressure, slow fishing for large rainbows.

BROUGH RESERVOIR - Light fishing pressure, slow fishing.

CALDER RESERVOIR - Reports of good fishing, try early morning and evenings, water level is low.

COTTONWOOD RESERVOIR - Reports of good smallmouth bass fishing early mornings and evenings. Try plastic grubs and crankbaits in crayfish colors. Water level is low, can not launch most boats.

CURRANT CREEK RESERVOIR - Moderate angler pressure, slow fishing for rainbows and Bear Lake cutthroat trout.

CURRANT CREEK - Moderate to heavy angler pressure on weekends. Fair to good fishing for brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout. Special regulation on Currant Creek and tributaries above Water Hollow Creek are flies and lures only, limit two trout.

EAST PARK - Reports of good fishing for small rainbows and brook trout.

FLAMING GORGE RESERVOIR - Fair to good fishing for small rainbow trout. Smallmouth bass fishing is fair to good, try along rocky shorelines using jigs and crayfish imitations, larger fish have moved to deeper waters. Smallmouth population needs to be thinned out so please keep your daily bag limits. Kokanee salmon fishing is slow, try using small lures in fluorescent colors down about 50-60 feet. Sheep Creek has been closed to fishing to protect spawning kokanee. Lake trout fishing is fair with reports of some large fish being taken, fish are deep. Please check proclamation carefully for regulations.

GREEN RIVER (upper) - Good fishing, try grasshopper imitations, scuds and other nymphs and match mayfly hatches. Daytime flows relatively stable between 1200 - 1800 cfs. Heavy summer angler and boater pressure easing up, anglers are encouraged to launch early and fish weekdays.

GREEN RIVER (lower) - Good for catfish, water level is low. Endangered fish live in river, please return them immediately.

MATT WARNER RESERVOIR - Moderate angler pressure, fair to good fishing for larger rainbows.

OAKS PARK - Few reports, low water level

PELICAN LAKE - Poor fishing for bass and bluegill.

RED CREEK RESERVOIR AND TRIBUTARIES - Light to moderate pressure, fair fishing for small rainbow trout, try mornings and evenings.

RED FLEET RESERVOIR - Fair fishing for largemouth base and small rainbows.

STEINAKER RESERVOIR - Light angler pressure, good fishing for rainbow trout in early mornings and late evening. Try the south-east corner with bait in the late evenings. Water level low as crews repair the dam. Largemouth bass fishing good.

STRAWBERRY RIVER - Reports of good fishing. Closed to the

possession of cutthroat or trout with cutthroat markings.

STARVATION RESERVOIR - Light angler action. Fair fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye with some larger fish being taken.

HIGH UINTAS - High country lakes good to excellent fishing. Uinta, Whiterocks, Duchesne and Rock Creek rivers light to

moderate pressure, good fishing. West Fork of Duchesne River artificial flies and lures only.


HUNTINGTON CREEK - DWR biologists sampled the left fork and found as many as 2,800 trout per mile on the lower end. The population up the canyon is even higher! Biologists recommend the following fly patterns: muddler minnow, hare's ear, Adam's, caddis and grasshopper.

JOE'S VALLEY - Angling usually picks up in the fall as weather cools. Shoreline anglers and still-fishing boaters have been using worms and rainbow-colored Powerbait. Trollers have been using two-bladed pop-gear with a worm or lure trailer. Panther Martin spinners with an orange or yellow body and gold blade have also been effective.

LAKE POWELL - Striped bass boils have been erratic and random. Morning and evening remain the best times to see surface activity. Wayne Gustaveson recommends trying the mouth of the Dirty Devil, the back of West Canyon and the extreme back end of Last Chance. Deep fish have been caught with anchovies at 40-70 feet in the mouth of Blue Notch, Moki Wall and the narrows between the dam and Navajo Canyon. Bass fishermen can find topwater action every morning and evening as largemouths chase shad. Bass may be found at 15-20 feet.