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The Provo/Orem area will get an Olympic ice rink just like the one in Ogden, Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee Chairman Tom Welch promised lawmakers Thursday.

But Welch asked members of the Legislature's Sport Oversight Committee not to raise the issue until after the International Olympic Committee chooses the site of the 2002 Winter Games next June.Provo officials have said they will go to the Legislature and ask for $3 million toward the $6 million facility, which would be used only for practice and possibly preliminary events during an Olympics.

Ogden and Weber County officials got a similar deal from the state to build an ice sheet near Weber State University that will be the site of an Olympic event, women's hockey.

Sports Oversight Committee co-chairman Rep. Jordan Tanner, R-Provo, told Welch no resolution would be introduced next session if it appears it would be opposed.

Welch said that in a letter to Provo officials he promised he would support increasing the amount of money the state spends on Olympic facilities from $59 million to $62 million.

He also assured lawmakers Thursday the bid committee would add the additional $3 million to the contracted purchase price of the state's Olympic facilities.

The bid committee has contracted to buy the facilities at cost and establish a $40 million private foundation to operate them if Salt Lake City gets the 2002 Winter Games.

The International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission just completed a three-day visit, inspecting Utah's venue sites. Commission chairman Thomas Bach promised a fair evaluation of all proposed host cities but said little else about how Salt Lake City might fair.