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A public hearing will be arranged in the western desertarea to sound out residents on a proposed group home for troubled youths along the Nevada-Utah border 15 miles from Trout Creek.

Ron Hatch, owner and operator of Hatch Academy in St. George, said he, Lee Nelson and Ben Gardner of Mapleton would like to put in a private school in Pleasant Valley. The nearest neighbor would be one mile away, with Delta 140 miles away by road.The border ranch would include 120 acres in Utah and 180 acres in Nevada. Hatch said the program would be fully accredited as a special school and licensed with both states.

The program is designed for American Indian students but would not be limited to any ethnic group, said Hatch.

The first part of the program would be a tepee experience. "We will eat regular food," he said. Students would learn to be one with themselves in this part of the program.

The next stage, he said, would be a frontier village. Following the village experience, students would move into the ranch house. "Then they will be eligible to go on cattle drives," he said.

"There is not a legal need for a public hearing," said Glen Green-halgh, county planning and zoning director. But he recommends a public hearing in the West Desert area to find out how the residents would react to the school.

Hatch said the proposed school would bring in about 15 jobs to start with. "We will level off at 50 students. There will probably be no more than 25 students on the Utah side."

Hatch said the Nevada side has more land and water and could have more students there.