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A Salt Lake woman described Wednesday how a doctor raped and taunted her as she prayed out loud for help.

"He said, `Where is your god now? Make me your god,' " the woman testified.The woman, now 39, said she had met Bojidar Bakalov only a few days before and had been helping him type a resume and dissertation. The Bulgarian heart surgeon had spent much of the afternoon of April 6, 1991, at her East Central City apartment.

The woman said Bakalov had made several passes at her, trying to kiss her and touch her. But she said she didn't feel his advances were anything she couldn't handle.

Sometime after 10:30 p.m. that evening, she agreed to go with him for a ride to see where he worked. She said she expected that he would continue to make passes at her. "I thought he was being a jerk, but I thought, `Oh fine. I'll deal with that when I get there,' " she said.

The woman said she fought off his advances after he parked the truck near University of Utah's Research Park, but he was undaunted. She "scrunched" down beneath the glove box of his small pickup truck and reached up to button the man's shirt that he was unbuttoning.

Finally, she said, she got out of the truck and began walking away. She said Bakalov picked her up and carried her to the back of his truck.

"He said, `Promise me you'll have sex with me.' I said no," the woman testified. "He said, `Do what I say or I'll hurt you.' "

Bakalov, who is representing himself, interrupted several times, accusing the woman of lying. But 3rd District Judge Michael Murphy shot down most of Bakalov's objections and outbursts.

The testimony came during a highly unusual rape case. Bakalov, once convicted of the rape, was granted a new trial by the Utah Supreme Court because he wasn't allowed to represent himself. He then said he wanted an attorney but alienated several of them and finally agreed to represent himself.

Tuesday, he refused to leave his jail cell, but he agreed to come to court Wednesday morning.

During cross-examination of other witnesses, Bakalov asked several bizarre and rambling questions, both through a Bulgarian interpreter and in broken English. For example, he asked one witness if she knew that the police detective handling the case believed he (Bakalov) needed to get off the street because he's a KGB spy.

The judge cut Bakalov's examination short, saying the action may be a favor to Bakalov. "He asked questions that a well-trained lawyer would never have asked because it hurt him," Murphy said.

The woman said after Bakalov raped her a second time, she began telling him about violent images in her mind and for several minutes quoted scriptures from the Book of Mormon.

The woman's roommate testified that when the two of them returned about 1 a.m., both Bakalov and the alleged victim were "in a fairly light and laughing mood."

The alleged victim said she read scriptures all night and called Bakalov the next morning to invite him and his mother to Temple Square that day for LDS general conference. Bakalov declined but came to her apartment about 10:30 that night.

"He said, `If you're pregnant this will get rid of it.' I said, `No way.' He said, `So you want my baby?' and I said no," she testified.

The roommate described hearing a similar conversation between the two of them that night. After Bakalov left, she asked about the drugs.

"At that time she blurted out, `He raped me! He raped me! I hate him. Please help me have compassion for him. I don't want to hate him," the roommate testified.

The trial is expected to continue through next week.