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As Utah moves into the 21st century, it desperately needs leaders who understand Utah's connection to the international economy yet have concern for the quality of life and economic well-being of its citizens.

Ed Mayne is such a leader, and his election to the Utah State Senate will benefit not only the residents of District 11 but also the entire state.He understands that in order for Utah to succeed in the international market, it must have highly trained, adequately compensated workers. He will ensure that economic development within the state will benefit all its citizens, not just a few at the expense of the rest.

Mayne represents the values of his district and the state. His life is centered in his family and community. He has served on the White House Conference on Families Committee, the United Ways/Salt Lake County Children's "Success by 6" Executive Committee, the Executive Board of the Utah Boys' Club and the Advisory Board of Utah State Adoptive Parents Coalition. His work with girls' softball and Little League football, baseball and soccer has benefited hundreds of families in Kearns, Hunter, West Valley City and Taylorsville.

I urge all voters, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, to consider what Mayne stands for by looking at his record of unpaid community and public service.

Brenda Powell