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It's going to take more milk money to run the Provo City School District lunch program.

District purchasing agent Vaughn Hawkes told the school board Tuesday that he had no choices to offer them but one - a bid for milk delivery for $9,400 more than what the district has been paying.Hawkes said the current supplier, Utah Correctional Industries, is finding it cost-prohibitive to continue to supply the district with milk.

Changes in the federal milk order system demand the supplier pay approximately $2 per hundredweight back to the government for all the milk they sell after Oct. 1. So it is no longer economically feasible, said Hawkes, for Utah Correctional Industries to sell milk to the district.

Three requests for bid were sent out, but only one came back, said Hawkes.

KDK Dairies of Sandy did not respond. Cream O'Weber informed Hawkes that the additional "delivery requirements could not be met at this time."

Meadow Gold/Borden of Salt Lake City offered to supply 2 percent milk at $0.1414 per half pint. The price from Utah Correctional Industries had been $0.132.

Chocolate milk from Meadow Gold will be cheaper by $0.03 per half pint, and the dairy also offers 1 percent milk for $0.1394.

If the district ordered a quantity of the lower-fat milk for school lunch use - which would meet the continuing effort to meet national Nutritional Guidelines for Americans - they could save $2,000 off the increase, said Hawkes.

Hawkes recommended the board approve the change in supplier and noted that without board approval, he didn't know what he would do after Oct. 1.

"While we are not pleased with this additional cost," said Hawkes, "it is one the program will need to bear."

Board members unanimously accepted the single bid.