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One department is being split into two at Southern Utah University.

What was formerly the department of behavioral and social sciences in the SUU College of Arts, Letters and Humanities will become the department of social sciences and the department of psychology.Approval for adding the new department was given by the SUU Board of Trustees at its August meeting. Final approval must be given by the Utah State Board of Regents.

The proposed new psychology department will include six faculty members and will be housed on the second level of the renovated General Classroom Building. Approximately 200 psychology majors will be enrolled at SUU this year.

About 200 majors are also expected in the four degree programs of the new social sciences department. The 10-member faculty will teach courses in sociology, history, political science, and the social sciences composite major. That department will remain in the Centrum.

Wayne Hinton will serve as department chairman of the social science department, and Mark Winter has been named chairman of the psychology department. Hinton serves as chairman of the current combined department.