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Division of Wildlife Resources game biologists released six Rocky Mountain goats - two billies and four nannies - at the 9,000 foot level near Willard Peak north of Ogden. The shaggy white goats were captured last Thursday morning in the remote Lone Peak Wilderness Area east of Salt Lake City and trucked to the release site.

DWR biologists hurled nets from helicopters to capture the elusive and sure-footed goats. They hope to establish a herd in the Willard Peak area, where goats were found historically before the arrival of the mountain men in the 1820s and 30s.There is still some confusion about a recent ruling from the Board of Big Game Control aimed at maximizing big game hunting opportunity this fall.

The original "one-male animal" rule for this year's hunt was amended after thousands of permits were left over from the July 8th big game drawing.

Now, hunters who have drawn an elk permit may still apply for a buck deer permit and visa versa. Although hunters may not have two elk permits or two buck deer permits in the same year, they may have both an elk permit and a buck deer permit. They may also get an antlerless deer or antelope permit.