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Years ago, I converted my 5-year-old son's outgrown, threadbare-at-the-knees overalls into a cute jumper for my 3-year-old daughter. This fall, my daughter, now 13, was amused to discover on the store racks, teen and adult-size versions of her overall jumper, just like the one we made together long ago.

Dust off your sewing machine, find a pair of old denim overalls from the back of your closet, at a garage sale or second-hand store, and choose 1 1/2 yards of your favorite lightweight cotton fabric to whip up this season's look for your teen! For a younger child's jumper, use OshKosh-style overalls with a bodice large enough to fit your daughter. You will need only 1 yard of 45-inch-wide fabric.Step 1: Cut off the bottom portion of the denim overalls 5/8 inch below the bodice seam.

Step 2: Bring the fabric, right sides facing, together at the selvage. Pin and stitch a 5/8-inch seam. Iron the seam open. (Essentially, you've made a big tube out of the fabric.) Turn the tube inside out so that the right sides face out.

Step 3: Gather the top raw edge of the fabric. Ease the gathered fabric around the bodice piece of the overalls and pin in place. Make a 3-inch slit in the fabric where it meets the side buttons of the bodice. Sew the fabric and bodice together. Bind side slits.

Step 4: Measure the hem length and trim the fabric if necessary. Sew hem. Press.

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