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"Star Trek"- The Next Generation," the popular TV series that depicted life in the 23rd century, has received its philtelic "space" tribute by the East Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The new releases come in two segments.

The first is a single $2 full-color stamp featuring the entire TV cast of the final episode, "All Good Things . . . ." A $10 souvenir sheet honoring that final show also depicts the entire cast.The second segment consists of a miniature sheet displaying nine different scenes from the last episode.

"All Good Things . . . ." was a two-hour finale, and its cast is now busy filming its first big screen adventure planned for distribution between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The "Next Generation" St. Vincent stamps are available from the Deep Space Collectors Society, P.O. Box 4103, Hollywood, CA 90078.

The first segment of the $2 stamp and the $10 souvenir sheet costs $15.95, first-day covers $19.95, and both for $32.95. The second segment featuring the miniature sheet of nine different scenes of the last episode is $19.95, first-day covers $24.95, and both for $39.95.