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"Euro-Trash Girl," one of three hidden tracks on Cracker's "Kerosene Hat" album, has emerged as an alternative-rock radio hit, and no one is more surprised than the song's co-writer, guitarist Johnny Hickman.

"That tune has been a favorite of our fans at the live shows for two years," Hickman said. "We considered it the litmus test of true Cracker fans. It's got a life of its own."When it was time to manufacture copies of Cracker's second album, "Kerosene Hat" (Virgin), the band added three unlisted tracks, including an eight-minute version of "Euro-Trash Girl." Fans and radio programmers began to target the song.

The tune, composed by Hickman and Cracker co-leader David Lowery, is a catalog of unfortunate accidents that befall a young American tourist in Europe.