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Garth Brooks' recent live appearance on America Online drew an overflow crowd of more than 500 to the online service's virtual auditorium.

"I don't know what cyberspace is, but it sure feels like home," Brooks said of his Sept. 9 appearance on NBC Online, the TV network's showcase on AOL.Only 500 people can participate in a so-called "chat session," meaning they can submit questions for a celebrity guest to a moderator, who picks the best to be answered on the spot.

Participants flooded Brooks with more than 1,500 questions; because of the response, Brooks, who was hooked up from Nashville, Tenn., stayed 15 minutes beyond the originally scheduled hour.

Brooks' appearance was the first in a month of similar events promoting NBC's fall lineup.

Set to appear in upcoming sessions are Ronny Cox, Greg Kinnear, Crystal Bernard and John Ales.