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A ninth-grade student from American Fork, Utah won the 1994 National History Day competition and is visiting Bureau of Land Management lands in south-western Colorado.

Kristen Runolfson will tour through southwestern Colorado and visit BLM's Anasazi Heritage Center, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, take a stagecoach from Dolores to Mancos and ride the Durango narrow gauge railroad.Kristen won the competition with her project "Coal: The Black Gold of Castle Gate 1883-1994." The paper explored the impact of coal mining on the people of Castle Gate, Utah. Her study included such topics as life in the mining community, the dangers of coal mining, the development of labor unions, and the town's demise.

National History Day is the culmination of a series of contest where students research primary sources in order to prepare paper, projects, performances, and media presentations. This year the students focused on "Geography in History: People, Places, Time."

National History Day has involved 3.5 million students and celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.