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A field of 16 cars qualified for record runs on Thursday, the second day of the World of Speed on Bonneville Salt Flats. On return runs, 12 set world land speed records.

Final record runs will be made on Saturday. This will be the only major racing event to be completed this year. A Test-and-Tune event in July was stopped after only two days of racing and the annual Speed Week was canceled all together.According to Wes Potter, an official with the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, a new location was found on the salt where an eight-mile course could be flattened.

On Wednesday, Utah's Terry Nish took the Vesco/Nish streamliner to a speed of 310, the fastest speed reached.

Donnie Stringfellow of Heber Springs, Ark., had the fastest record of 262.081 miles per hour in the supercharged coup class. The old record was 255.863.

Bob Noice set a supercharged fuel modified roadster record of 256.970 mph. The old record was 239.336.

Three of the 12 records set on Thursday involved hold flathead engines that were popular 50 years ago. Four of the cars attempting records broke engines on return runs.