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By moving some city departments into the Strong building that the city recently purchased on north Main Street, the parks department would be able to beautify the entrance to the Springville City Cemetery.

At a recent work session of the City Council, council members said space would become available at the city compound located at about 950 E. 400 South if the streets and water departments moved into the Strong building, 1500 N. Main.Once the two departments moved out of the current compound, the parks department could vacate the buildings at the cemetery's entrance and move into the compound. City officials would then demolish the buildings at the cemetery's entrance and beautify the area.

The city purchased the former Strong Construction Co. building a few months ago. City Recorder Doug Bird said the building has enough capacity to house a couple of city departments and city mechanics and serve as a storage facility and office for a few other departments.

Officials plan to keep some operations of the electrical department at the current compound yard and some at the Whitehead Electrical Plant.