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Lack of honesty is a major factor in the poor functioning of our government and of our society.

Our local public officials have made major political declarations of being concerned about our culture and heritage, yet now, because of pressures and greed, they have decided to completely tear down the buildings of Academy Square.Academy Square is the most significant historical site in Utah Valley. It is one of our greatest treasures and, if properly preserved, could be a positive influence for good for years to come for Provo.

We have been told by one group that the buildings in Academy Square are not structurally sound. Another group states emphatically that the buildings are structurally sound. Who is telling the truth?

The majority of the citizens of Provo and thousands of BYU alumni would wholeheartedly support the preservation of the facade of the Education Building as a lasting memorial to the Academy and as a tribute to what BYU has contributed in making Provo one of the most desirable cities in which to live in our nation.

Jess R. Bushman