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I am having a problem with technology these days. Isn't it getting a little out of hand? How can technology be so widespread that a 6-year-old can easily play a "Nintendo" game (moving straight through levels), while at the same time drivers like myself are stuck at every intersection staring at red lights? It seems to me that Mario has an easier time "saving the princess" than an average person does getting from point A to point B.

As a junior at Olympus High School, I am very concerned how the traffic lights operate in this state. Every morning, I drive to seminary at 6:30. And every morning and afternoon, I am stopped by "dreaded traffic lights" that just never seem to turn green. The intersection of 2300 East and 3300 South (a light that I have not made all year) is completely unpredictable and ridiculous. A series of timings shows that traffic must wait on 2300 East as long as two to three minutes in the morning, while as short as five to 10 seconds during rush-hour traffic.Why do traffic lights in Utah seem to be more of a nuisance than help? In other states such as Colorado, California and Florida, traffic lights operate under a timed and censored system. It seems that in Utah, traffic lights tend to operate under Darwin's theory of a light changing - "natural selection." Maybe if we wanted to stop the Cubans and Haitians from coming to America, we could just send our traffic lights and put them in the ocean.

Marshall McDonald

Salt Lake City