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Around the world

SECURITY TIGHT: Police on Friday tightened security after three bombs rocked the Guatemalan capital in the latest threat to a fragile peace process. An 11-year-old boy was killed and four people were wounded in one blast. The bombings occurred three days after a U.N. delegation arrived in Guatemala City to set up a human rights mission seen as a key first step in talks to end a 34-year civil war between leftist rebels and the government.

FIERY SUICIDE: A county environmental official burned himself to death on a trash heap in eastern Germany after writing in a suicide note that he wanted to sound an alarm about pollution. Authorities were not saying Friday whether Ulrich Baer's death Thursday in a garbage dump in Riesa-Grossenhain county, northest of Dresden, might have been more than a protest against pollution.

AVALANCHES: At least 13 people were killed and dozens of villages swamped Friday when steaming avalanches of volcanic debris cascaded down the slopes of Mount Pinatubo, Philippine officials said. The volcanic ash swept through 14 villages 20 miles southeast of Pinatubo, Defense Secretary Renato de Villa said. Seven people were missing.

Across the nation

RUDDER OK: Tests so far have found no evidence of problems with the rudder of the USAir Boeing 737-300 that crashed this month near Pittsburgh International Airport, killing all 132 people aboard. But federal investigators have determined that the plane may have been hit with turbulence from a Boeing 727 flying about four miles ahead of it, The Washington Post reported Saturday. National Transportation Safety Board officials are looking into the possibility that the crew overcompensated for the "wake turbulence" as they switched the plane from automatic pilot to their own control, the Post said.

SHOOTOUT: A traffic stop turned deadly Friday in Vienna, Mo., when the driver shot the sheriff while his car was being searched. A deputy fired back, killing the driver. The sheriff later died as well. A passenger and the deputy were injured. State Highway Patrol Trooper Curtis Martin was investigating a minor accident on U.S. 63 about a mile south of Vienna when he asked the driver for permission to search the car, said Sgt. Joe Wilson of the patrol's Rolla troop.